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How To Game On a Budget

How To Game On a Budget

Posted on August 17, 2018  in Gaming Tips

There are many of us, myself included, who always thought that gaming was a children’s activity. Once you reach a certain age you think, “Aren’t you getting too old for that?” Surprise, surprise, it’s no longer thought of as a kid’s thing. There are more and more adults seeking refuge and comfort in the gaming world. Some call it a hobby, others call it an obsession.

The Gaming World is Here to Stay

Either way, the gaming world is here to stay. The only problem with this refuge is that so many max out their credit cards, in keeping up with the latest games. How can you stay on budget and still reap the rewards?


E3 Sales

1) Look to the E3 sales. Many retailers take advantage of this. They wait till they get a bunch in and then put them on discounts. Some stores offer as much as 20-40% off per game. That means you can get the latest titles, and get them all at a low price.


Dumpster diving

2) Don’t be ashamed to dumpster dive. I do this with movies all the time. I go into the $5 bin at the stores. You’d be amazed at all the great movies I find in there. They are all at $5 or less. The gaming world works the same way. Don’t be in such a hurry to get the latest games that come out. Hold off a bit. They will soon make their ways into those bins. The best part is they come at such low prices! Never pass up a good bargain bin.


Keep watch

3) Always keep your mouth closed and your ears open. Keep your ears and eyes pinned to the gaming world, especially online. Various gaming stores will promote slashed prices at various times. If you are a member of the community you can get in on this. Don’t be afraid to admit you are a gamer. In doing so, you can get your hands on some really good deals.


Make friends

4) Learn to share with your friends. Go out and make some new friends. I’m not talking about Facebook either. Facebook is more or less a virtual adult playground. I’m talking about actual real friends. If your buddies know you have interested in a certain game, he or she might just give it to you for free. Ask first! Don’t just take it from them. The more real friends you have with gaming, the more games you will be in contact with.




5) Look through the coupon and other discount books. They are out there. You just have to know where to look. Don’t be afraid to be a coupon person. It’s one of the only ways you’ll get your games for less.


Used games

6) Learn to buy used games. I do this with movies online. If I can get a movie in a “used, but great condition” or “used, Like new”, this comes at a great advantage to me. Who cares if the game is used. As long as it still works, that’s all that matters.

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