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About Mu Heaven Games

Mu Heaven Games is for gamers of all types from casual mobile players to hardcore console veterans. We take a look at nearly all aspects of the gaming industry from the titles being released to what is happening with the latest technologies. Here are a few of the gaming topics we discuss on this site.

Get a Look at Highly Anticipated GamesYou can always come to our site to get a look at the highly anticipated games due out soon. This includes console games, computer games and online massively multiplayer titles. You can get a description of the game and a rundown of the key features. You can check whether the game fits your interests. We also go through some of the possible failings of the titles such as disappointing graphics, stale gameplay or bugs that break the program. If you want to be well-informed about all the games that are coming out in the near future, then this is the website for you.


Find Information about Consoles and Gaming Systems

You want to make good decisions before spending a small fortune on gaming consoles or systems. We can help by giving you the best and most detailed information about those gaming systems. You can see basic comparisons of the newest consoles so that you know which is best for your home. We go through some computer gaming rigs that have powerful graphics cards and unique features. We also take a look at some independent gaming systems and wireless consoles that might be interesting to own.


Discover Useful Tips and Tricks for Your Favorite Titles

Many games today are complicated with expansive levels or open worlds. The challenges have grown in difficulty as technology allows for more realistic settings and physics. Our site will provide you with useful tips and tricks for your favorite titles. We can show you how to defeat seemingly invincible bosses, solve impossible puzzles and make your characters as strong as possible. You can even find out how to unlock secret features, find hidden areas or access buried Easter eggs. If you are interested in these types of tricks and tips, then our site can help. One of our favorite titles is Clash Royale, and we’ve got some pretty wicked Clash Royale strategies for you to try out and learn from!


Read About Game Industry News and Changes

The game industry is constantly evolving and changing. The news is coming out all the time that is sometimes expected and sometimes surprising. You can read about game industry news and changes right here. We watch the news coming out of the largest development and distribution companies. See what titles were canceled or changed. Learn what famous designers are planning for the future. You can also see some of the highlights of gaming shows and conventions showcasing the technology of the future.


See What Peripherals Can Improve Your Experience

The right peripherals can enhance your gaming experience. We take a close look at everything from controllers and gaming mice to virtual reality headsets. You can see whether a certain brand of speakers is worth the price. Learn what new peripherals are not delivering on the promises advertised. We also review some of the larger peripherals like gaming chairs with built-in speakers and controller jacks. Our site will help you to sort out the winners from the losers when it comes to gaming peripherals.